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WLHB War Admiral 29-2

Hendricks Durocs.tif
WLHB War Admiral 29-2.jpg

Man O War x IASU Great Divide x Rosette Count

Bred By Hendricks Durocs

WLHB War Admiral 29-2 is backed by generations of superior meat quality sires! Bred with 3 continuous generations of frozen semen. A easy doing, big scaled, loose skeleton Berkshire boar with great breed character and a black body. A boar with rib shape, structure and opens up in a 3 dimensional package. Good He Boar attitude, with a 7-8 underline.


Dam in first 2 litters has weaned 23 pigs. She is one special individual, study her picture! We believe WLHB War Admiral 29-2 covers the basics of good livestock in terms of growth, production and meat quality. Semen is available. Contact us for details! 

Semen Available $100 per Dose

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