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RWG Neck Beard x PD Classic

Bred By Hendricks Durocs

Got our first set of sows bred to him and got him rolling. Wanted to get a yard picture but sometimes easier said than done.

WOW! The most three dimensional boar we have ever assembled! A true tank of a hog with blade, rib and shape. Correct, flexible, and great toe quality. A boar that will work great in our reach back/ meat quality program for his big skeleton, growth, sheath and underline quality, yet stout to make showpig big ring gilts! A true and honest hog that did it on his own, and having a splash of different blood makes him unique. An individual that is special and is good livestock no matter what “label” you want to throw on him. An experiment that actually worked well because when breeding livestock, you don’t know until you know.

Semen Available $150 per Dose

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