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Hendricks Durocs.tif

PD Classic x HLF 12-5 Orion 7-1

Bred By Hendricks Durocs

A herd boar being used in our Reach Back/Meat Quality program! Sired by PD Classic at SGI, reaching back to Middle Creek and Viking genetics.

Littermate loin evaluation done at Iowa State University was a 6 IMF, and maternal sisters loin was a 10 IMF. Color scores were 5s. Hendricks Durocs retain 1 littermate and 2 maternal sisters to Landlord.

WLLH Landlord 24-2 extra length correlates in a long neck, body, and rump. Extra flexible, with a big rib. A hog that grew fast, being 148 days to 250. A boar that is masculine in terms of skull, tail root and structure. A later gear, showing that he will continue to grow and get better with age!

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